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Visionary VR Unveil Interactive Narrative Toolkit

Following the official announcement of Visionary VR at the VRLA meetup in December 2014, co-founders Jonnie Ross Adam Levin and Cosmo Scharf, alongside VFX executive Gil Baron and technical lead Luke Patterson, have today revealed the company’s first project. Visionary Focus is a software toolkit that enables content creators to produce high quality movies in virtual reality (VR) with a unique approach to circumventing the problems presented by information delivery and attention management in this new medium.

The currently in-development toolkit, Visionary Focus, aims to direct the viewer’s attention through a system of boundaries and sensory cues that guide the viewer between active and passive storytelling spaces in VR to reduce the possibility of missing important information. This system features an in-VR suite that allows creators to have the experience of shooting and editing their movies, creating and moving virtual cameras, cutting and placing clips on a timeline, manipulating audio, and more.

Visionary VR also gave an early look at David & Goliath, a 3D-animated short narrative experience developed for the Oculus Rift created within Visionary Focus’ proprietary director tool. Conceived by Ross and co-founder Gil Baron, David & Goliath employed Visionary VR’s boundary and sensory cues and proprietary toolkit to craft the experience. The Visionary Focus software allowed the directors to move cameras and create cuts in VR with the Razer Hydra motion controllers.

No release date or further information regarding Visionary Focus is available at this time, however you can subscribe to a mailing list at Visionary VR’s official website. VRFocus will follow this project closely, reporting back with any updates on Visionary Focus.

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