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VR Cinema Hosts First VR animated Films

For virtual reality(VR) meetups are quite common. Videogames and short VR experiences are normal. However with the rise of the VR films industry, with such films as Zero Point VR Cinema is to host its own cinema meetup. Featured at this meetup is the first VR animations ever.

With VR cinema now kicking off, events like this are a way of the community to support and back these titles. As a new innovative way of storytelling, VR has applications in all forms of cinema. As demonstrated by Zero Point a documentary about the pioneers in VR while also relying on the Oculus for its new documentary style.  With VR technology making progress each day, it could very well be that we will be seeing mainstream VR cinema soon.


Sponsored by JauntVR and DODOcase, VR Cinema brings together some of the biggest pioneering film makers of VR technology to show off films, demos and guest speakers. There are a total of 3 animated films being showcased. The first is is The Last Mountain directed by Avram Dodson.  The Last Mountain tells the story of a rock man who longs for the company of his own kind and so abandons his lizard companion to follow a mountain into the desert. Another is a retelling of the story of David & Goliath set in a neon forest directed by Jonnie Ross and Gil Baron. Finally there is cartoon Butts. Directed by Tyler Hurd, this particular title embraces several themes of depression, anxiety and also jiggling butts.

VR Cinema takes place in San Francisco on the 10th January. However there will also be a live stream of the event online. For more details visit VR Cinema on the meetup page. As always, VRFocus will keep you updated on upcoming VR titles.

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