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VR Karts Gets First Trailer

Small indie developer Viewpoint Games unveiled a trailer of its new title VR Karts. The title is the first kart based experience for virtual reality (VR) besides the adaptions of Mario Kart 64. Its trailer shows it is going to be from a first person perspective and will feature multiplayer.

VR Karts was first announced back in November 2014 as the first kart based VR videogame. The videogame is intended to be fun and approachable. This videogame will have a multiplayer so that players can play competitively online while trying to take each other out using pickups and weapons.

In the trailer below, you can see the use of the VR in turning corners as well as looking around to see how others are progressing in the race. You can also bash your kart into other players to slow them down or knock them out the way. It is also stated that you can customise both your kart and character. Since the videogame features online competitive racing, it will be complete with online leaderboards to see how well you are doing.

VRFocus will keep you updated on VR Kart‘s progress.

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