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WakingApp Presents Augmented and Virtual Reality Platform

Winning IBMs SmartCamp and then going on to the new U.S SmartCamp finals is company WakingApp who have developed a new augment and virtual reality (AR and VR) platform. This new innovation is expected to revolutionise the way we create AR and VR content.

With this platform, a user can do a variety of things. WakingApp’s platform can enable any person or company to create advanced AR and VR content. This does not require any computer programming knowledge but simply allows the user to interact as well as create independently. With this comes the ability to create with multiple interaction complete with personalised social activities and 3D games.  This would mean the creation of intricate AR and VR designs would be available to people with little to no experience or programming knowledge of any kind. Then they can share these creations with others socially.


Udi Shani, the CEO of WakingApp believes that the platform will be embraced by small and medium sized enterprises (SME). The idea is that it can simplify displays and instructions.  For example by only scanning a device you can get instructions. This can be beneficial to companies, as Udi Shani has even gone  as far as to say “We believe that many SME’s will embrace the use of our platform to simplify operating instructions or display relevant information to end users through the scanning device (no need to make any change on the product) and thus get an exciting and innovative layer in the world of user manuals, packaging, tourism, education, consumer products, advertising, games, and much more.”

The company has already started partnering with ‘major market leaders’ all over the world. This new innovation is due to be released at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. VRFocus will keep you updated on WakingApp’s progress on this new platform.


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