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Asteroid Racer Available on Oculus VR Share

Oculus VR Share has a great deal of virtual reality (VR) titles which take full advantage of the second Oculus Rift development kit (DK2) head-mounted display (HMD). This allows the core gameplay aspect to be the positional tracking. This is the case for developer Roman Zigura’s Asteroid Racer which has been made available on on the platform.

Asteroid Racer uses positional tracking and a keyboard to play. Tilting the players head will move the a space craft the player has to pilotaround while the keyboard will control the speed. The aim is to reach the finish line first while avoiding a barrage of asteroids. Along the way, users are able to pickup boosts which allow the craft to move a lot faster.

Asteroid Racer

This version is a demo with one particular track and a recorded ghost spaceship to race against. As stated on the website, the full release will feature a full single player campaign as well as several different tracks with unique obstacles. Also promised is a selection of videogame modes reminiscent of racing titles including a time attack and checkpoint modes.

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