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DEEP and Taphobos Make Rezzed’s Leftfield Collection

EGX’s annual Rezzed event serves as a great way for many independent videogame developers to give their projects some much needed publicity. This is especially true of those working with the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), as developers usually build up long waiting lines of attendees wanting to sample the technology. Each year the UK-based event also holds a Leftfield Collection area, showcasing entirely unique experiences. This year’s line-up has recently been announced and features two Oculus Rift compatible titles.


The first of these is exploration-based DEEP by Owen Harris. Described as both a ‘meditative and psychoactive’ videogame, players use an Oculus Rift and a custom controller to tour a stylised underwater setting. Interestingly, the title teaches players ‘yogic breathing techniques’, aiming to relieve stress, anxiety and mild depression. Harris’ experience actually started life as a personal project that has grown into a project for a wider audience following a great deal of interest from others as shows such as the Playful Arts Festival.

Also starring in the collection is Taphobos, which is uniquely explained to be ‘an immersive coffin experience’. This is a two-player videogame in which one player wears and Oculus Rift and lies in a coffin both in real life and the videogame. Similar in concept to other co-op VR experiences such as Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, the player in the coffin must then use a map scrawled on the roof of their confinement to guide another player on a PC to their location before they run out of air.

Sponsored by SEGA, the Leftfield Collection at EGX Rezzed holds plenty of other unique experiences. The event itself is set to run from 12th – 14th March 2015 at the Tobacco Dock, London. VRFocus will continue to follow the event, reporting back with any other VR titles that will appear.

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