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Dispersion Available on Oculus VR Share

New to Oculus VR Share is Game Jam title Dispersion. The title developed by Earthborn Interactive was created with the theme ‘back to square one’. The videogame is compatible with the second iteration (DK2) of the virtual reality (VR) Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

Dispersion features a cube in the centre of the screen which is made up of smaller translucent cubes. When it is tapped using the mouse it will disperse the smaller cubes out to which the player must press the cubes to put them back into the larger shape. The aim of the title is to explore GPU particles benefits as opposed to CPU particles. As suggested on the website, the title is a videogame but is intended to be artistic as well.


Earthborn Interactive states on its website that a leap motion feature is going to be added so that players can tap the cube themselves. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest content from Oculus VR Share.

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