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Gaijin Experimented with Kinect Before Developing for Oculus Rift

Ever keen to deliver on the demands of their audience, Gaijin Entertainment have been supporters of virtual reality (VR) for quite some time. Before that however, the studio experimented with a number of different technologies, including Microsoft’s Kinect and other motion control opportunities.

Speaking to VRFocus, the team behind the hugely successful War Thunder revealed that the Oculus Rift and upcoming Project Morpheus weren’t their first choice to aid user immersion. Other technologies were experimented with, but Gaijin Entertainment opted for VR due to the nature of War Thunder‘s cockpit-based gameplay.


“We’re interested in any innovative things that can change the gameplay experience,” stated Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Lead at Gaijin Entertainment, in an interview with VRFocus. “We were experimenting with Kinect and web camera inputs 10 years ago and more. We are very interested in anything that can change the gameplay experience, and when Oculus [was revealed] we first tried it… it seemed perfect [for War Thunder].”

Clearly enthusiastic about the variety of potential implications of new technology, Yudintsev continues to explain why the team behind War Thunder settled on VR, and exactly why the videogame is perfectly suited to the technology:

“VR fits very well; perfect for simulator games because when you are playing other types of games your avatar is moving in space – walking, jumping – but in VR that makes you feel not comfortable because you are still sitting in the chair. But in simulator it’s very native because your avatar is sitting in the chair and you are sitting in the chair. Everything happens around you but it feels very, very natural.”


War Thunder is available now for PC, PlayStation and via Android devices. The PC version of the videogame already offers support for the Oculus Rift development kits and the PlayStation 4 release will support Project Morpheus upon arrival of the consumer hardware. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on War Thunder and other VR projects from Gaijin Entertainment.

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