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GDC Technical Artist Tutorial Detail Ways to Reduce Motion Sickness

The Games Developers Conference (GDC) is kicking off on the 2nd March and will feature an array of panels and bootcamps. Particularly Dr. David Wittinghinll will lead a bootcamp on reducing motion sickness in virtual reality (VR). As stated by the session’s name: ‘Nasum Virtualis: A Simple Technique for Reducing Simulator Sickness in Head Mounted VR’ Wittinghinll l will show off techniques which can help reduce simulator sickness.

Wittinghinll is well versed in VR and simulation experiences as he is currently an assistant Professor of computer graphics technology and computer and information technology. The main focus of his research is how videogames, simulations and computer programming can affect society, education and health as a whole. However he is also the director of Games Innovation which helps young aspiring animators and videogame developers get prepared for fulfilling careers in the industry.


What people will take away from this is for technical artists to focus on user experience when creating tools and workflows. Animators will learn easier and quicker techniques to creating animations. Also featured will be techniques for other features including optimizing asset performance for run-time.

The tutorial will be held between 16:30 PST to 17:30 on the 3rd March in room 130 in the North Hall. VRFocus will keep you updated on the panels and tutorials coming up at GDC.

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