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Grave Dev Announces Reflection, Launches Greenlight Campaign

Broken Windows Studios, responsible for upcoming virtual reality (VR) horror title Grave, has announced a new videogame available to up-vote on Steam in the hopes of releasing it on Valve’s digital content platform. Reflection is a VR narrative driven title which moulds its story around the players’ actions. The title is set for Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) support.

Reflection casts players in the role of a young adult about to start their life in the real world. The character has until the end of the day to get their affairs in order. From here players can take any route they like. Its storyteller engine will react to what the player does. Thus moulding a story around the things the user does.


One of the key points featured in the title is the full environmental and social interaction. AI will respond to the user’s actions. The world is populated with plenty of people and creatures in which players can forge lasting relationships which may span the three acts. The environment is also available to experiment with. As stated on the Steam page, everything has its use. Through interaction, the player can add colour to the world. As time passes, the events and opportunities will also change or unfold differently.

Reflections is currently aiming for a April 2015 release on PC. Grave is also due to release soon on Steam with Oculus Rift support. VRFocus will keep you updated on the progress of the title.

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