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House of Caravan Gets First Screenshots

Earlier in the week indie developer Rosebud Games revealed House of Caravan, a tie-in to its upcoming horror title, Death in Candlewood. The title is aiming to launch on PC, Mac and Linux in spring 2015 with a virtual reality (VR) compatible version following on after that. Now the first screenshots for House of Caravan have been revealed and can be seen below.

A total of 19 new images of the title are on offer. They showcase the titular mansion in which protagonist Lester Barnard finds himself in after being kidnapped. Playing from a first-person perspective, players will explore the mansion, uncovering its secrets and solving a wide array of puzzles as they discover just where Barnard fits into the Death in Candlewood universe.

It’s not yet clear exactly when House of Caravan will launch. VRFocus will continue to follow the title closely, reporting back with any further updates on it.

screens_arthurjr3 screens_basement1 screens_basement2 screens_basement3 screens_bathroom1 screens_dinner1 screens_entrance1 screens_hallway screens_hallway2 screens_kitchen1 screens_madeline1 screens_madeline3 screens_passage1 screens_puzzle1 screens_puzzle2 screens_studio1 screens_studio2 screens_trophy1 screens_trophy2

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