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Iribe: Over 100,000 Oculus Rift DK2s Shipped

Back in September 2014 Oculus VR held its first ever developer conference, Oculus Connect. The event played host to a number of new announcements, but was kicked off by company CEO Brendan Iribe revealing that Oculus VR has shipped over 100,000 development kits for its Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). At the time this number was mainly comprised of the first development kit, DK1, given that the second, DK2, was only a few months old. Five months on however and it appears DK2 has reached that milestone all by itself.


Iribe recently confirmed as much on Twitter. “Over 100k DK2’s and tons of Gear VR’s in the wild — can’t wait to see what the community creates,” the CEO stated. “Everyone’s a pioneer!” Iribe didn’t reveal specific numbers for the sales of Gear VR, the smartphone-based HMD created in partnership with Samsung that released in the US in late 2014. In the past he has stated that the kit was selling better than Samsung expected, a statement which has been backed up with the kit selling out on its digital stores.

In terms of the Oculus Rift DK2, this is an encouraging number that gives a good indication of how many people are working with VR. Of course not every DK2 is being used to create new VR content, but many of these will be put to use in videogames, 360 degree videos and other experiences. Since its release Oculus VR has revealed a new prototype for the Oculus Rift, labelled Crescent Bay. The kit is thought to lay the foundations for the highly anticipated consumer version of the Oculus Rift, which is yet to be revealed.

Oculus VR will be showcasing the ‘latest prototypes’ of its products at the 2015 Game Developers Conference in two weeks’ time. VRFocus will continue to follow Oculus VR closely, reporting back with any further updates from the company.

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