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John Carmack

John Carmack Aiming to Release VR Comic Book Store in Full This Year

Videogame industry legend and Oculus VR Chief Technology Officer John Carmack clearly has a passion for virtual reality (VR) technology. Fans need only watch his now-famous talk at least year’s Oculus Connect developer conference to get a sense of that. The developer’s Twitter account is also constantly full of titbits of information about his work and some of his other side-projects, including a VR comic book store. As it turns out, Carmack hopes to release that project later this year.


The developer revealed as much in a recent Twitter post. Responding to one fan asking after the project, he revealed: “I hope to make it a full fledged product this year, but resources are not allocated for it yet.” Details on which head-mounted displays (HMD) the experience might arrive on aren’t clear, although Carmack’s recent focus on the Gear VR smartphone-based device made in partnership with Samsung suggests that it could end up there, especially given that it’s the only device released to consumers at this point in time.

Other details on the project are also yet to be revealed. Exploring a comic book store in VR would be a dream come true for many fans, but would such software be of any use beyond exploration? Could the store act as a sort of virtual front for popular comic book apps such as Comixology, allowing users to purchase their books and then read them as if they were virtual books in their hands? It’s certainly an interesting thought. Smartphones and tablets have already disrupted the comic book industry; could VR have a similar impact?

For now, the wait for details on Carmack’s software continues. VRFocus will continue to follow the developer’s work closely, reporting back with any further updates.

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  1. Anytime I see an article about John Carmack, I’m always reminded when are we gonna finally hear something about Doom4 beta or Rage follow-up…

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