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Kôna Gets New Screenshots

Virtual reality (VR) videogame Kôna finished its Kickstarter campaign last year after raising the necessary funds. The title was recently delayed into the later half of 2015, but has now received new screenshots which have been released for the videogame showing the environment and weather conditions. Set in Canada Kôna puts players in the role of a private investigator trying to determine what has happened to a community near Quebec. The title is to be compatible with the Oculus Rift head mounted display (HMD).

The title casts players as the private investigator Caul Fauert. After being hired to investigate the damage to an industrialist’s summer home, Fauert discovers the entire community has gone missing. Using the players own wit and investigative knowledge, they must look around and uncover what has happened to the people of the area.

The screenshots below show huge improvements made to the environment, detailing the snow based weather system which obscures part of the player’s line of sight like it would in reality. Also, there has been a lot of intricate work put into the shading and illumination effects as seen with the interior of the house and how the shadows are cast off objects.

Developers Parabole have stated that Kôna will likely be coming to Playstation 4 however it is unknown if this means it will get Project Morpheus compatibility. VRFocus will keep you updated on the progress of Kôna.

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