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Palmer Luckey

Luckey Debunks Oculus Rift May Launch and Other Rumours

It’s just one month into 2015 and there have already been two significant events from Oculus VR. While the company debuted new audio enhancements for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), it more recently revealed its own film-dedicated division, Oculus Story Studio. Of course, the big question about the Oculus Rift still lingers; when is a consumer version releasing? The company still won’t say for sure but has recently debunked so rumours about release information.


Following the announcement of Oculus Story Studio Upload VR hosted a full interview with Supervision Technical Director, Max Planck. At one point in the conversation, Planck hinted that ‘May is getting close’ when referring to a consumer version of the Oculus Rift. He also mentioned a $300 USD or $400 price tag for the kit.

These comments quickly caught the eye of the VR community and were just as quickly debunked by Oculus VR creator himself, Palmer Luckey. “There is a lot of incorrect information in this article – Max is a new hire,” Luckey explained in a Reddit thread, “and he was definitely off on many things. I can’t clarify with concrete info on a lot of these yet, but suffice to say that May is no special month for the Rift, nor do we have price locked down for CV1.”

Interestingly, Luckey also revealed some information about Oculus VR’s internal testing in relation to a comment from Planck suggest new prototypes were hooked up to a ‘massive machine’. “As a more concrete example,” Luckey began, “we run everything (including internal prototypes) off a regular Falcon Northwest Tiki with a regular GTX 980, which is our preferred rig for shows as well. They cost ~$2,000, not $10,000, and are one of the smallest gaming PCs you can buy.

“Same goes for wires and tracking technology – we are always researching new things internally, but we are a long ways away from wireless video transmission and alternative tracking technologies getting good enough from VR. I doubt anyone wants CV1 held up for tech that may never come!”

Even if Luckey confirming when the Oculus Rift isn’t coming isn’t much in the way of news, his comments on internal testing are certainly interesting. Meanwhile, the wait for solid release information continues. VRFocus will continue to follow the Oculus Rift closely, reporting back with any further updates on the device.

  1. Question for everyone who is reading this comment. Who will be the first to reveal their retail product and who will be the first to launch/release that product? Sony or Oculus?

    1. Doesn’t really matter. Sony Morpheus is only going to matter for folks owning a PS4, Oculus for folks that want it for the PC. Many who have a PS4 and PC may want both (like me if I ever have a PS4 and Sony’s price is reasonable and unlike their crazily priced Sony personal viewer). Oculus is likely to launch first, but it won’t matter if they don’t. Morpheus won’t take their market since it’s exclusive to the PS4 for the foreseeable future. Microsoft and FOVE may surprise us all and launch sooner (if MS starts working with FOVE anyway as it’s not a done deal that I’m aware of, just a possible deal). No I’m not referring to the Hololens, that’s a ways off. My money is on Oculus launching end of this year. Morpheus has been quiet since E3 of last year. We’ll see, but one won’t influence the other.

      1. Agreed, I reckon a November release for CV1, I have suspicions that the optics are pretty much done and they are working on perfecting a new camera that detects hand/arm movement so they can stick a new control API into the SDK. That extra level of immersion from actually being able to see and control things with your actual hands will be very cool. Leap motion can track finger movement, so the Oculus version of this should be something special!

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