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Man-Machine Interface Available on Oculus VR Share

Recently released on Oculus VR Share is immersive tank virtually reality title Man-Machine Interface. The title, developed by Teatime Research, allows players to drive a tank. Man-Machine Interface is compatible will the second Oculus Rift development kit (DK2). Players will also be required to have a pair of Razer Hydra motion controllers.

When playing, people are able to use all functions of the tank. Using the motion controllers users can grab a machine gun to the left and fire it at enemies. Alternatively players can use the main turret to destroy other tanks. To get a longer shot, users can tilt their head and look through a night vision scope. In front of the player is a radar where they can identify the threats on the field. There are two levers which allow movement. Pushing the Hydras forward will make the tank move while alternating will make it turn. To beat the videogame all the enemies must be destroyed in the city including a helicopter.

Man Machine Interface

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