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NBA Films VR All-Star Basketball Game

Virtual reality (VR) has many applications in sports. Recently VRFocus reported on England rugby team’s ‘Wear the Rose’ campaign promoting the sport. In America a 360 degree video by NextVR commissioned by the NBA for the All-Star basketball game has been filmed for Samsung’s Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD).

The VR video will take place during the All-Star game in New York City, America. It is intended to promote the NBA. Those who own the Gear VR Innovator Edition will be able to watch the video using Samsung’s Milk VR video sharing app. The video will also come with the three-point contest, the dunk competition, and a private practice session for the dunk-contest participants featured in the same weekend as the All-star game. The intention is to make the basketball game available to NBA fans all over the world by having them sitting courtside, watching the match. The slam dunk contest will put players in a position right under the basket.


VR could play a very important part for sports fans around the world as sometimes first hand experiences like these aren’t readily available. The England Rugby team’s ‘Wear the Rose’ campaign allows a unique experience that a small minority of people will actually be able do first hand. The video allows people to witness and take part in a Rugby training session as part of O2’s promotion campaign.

The VR content is due to release a few weeks following the All-Star basketball game on Milk VR for no cost. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest content.


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  1. I hope Milk Vr is released outside of the USA because it is not available for me in Australia at the moment. I contacted oculus support and they said due to the agreement with the developer it was only available in America at the moment. Kind of puts there plans of sharing the experience all over the world in trouble 🙂

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