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Nebulous To Get Playstation 4 Release

Virtual reality (VR) developers Namazu Studios has announced that their space puzzle videogame Nebulous will be coming to Playstation 4. Though the title is set to release with Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) compatibility on PC, it hasn’t been confirmed if it will support Project Morpheus HMD.

Nebulous puts players in the role of an intrepid astronaut, Commander Johnson. After a space mission goes ‘awry’ he falls into a wormhole. It is the player’s goal to manipulate puzzles inside the wormhole in order to get the character through. The user will be able to set up gravity changing devices, conveyor belts and platforms to overcome obstacles intended to hinder the astronaut. Once players believe that they have to correct set up in place, the astronaut is released so that gravity can take him. If successful, users will move onto the next puzzle.


The technical director at Namazu, Keith Hudnall had this to say on the videogame: “The team at Namazu has worked on some amazing titles over the years, but it has always been someone else’s game and not our own vision. Nebulous is the game we have been dreaming of for years. We can’t wait for gamers to have as much fun playing it as we do.”

The title is due to release in the second quarter of 2015 however it is available currently to upvote on Steam Greenlight. If the videogame gets enough yes votes then it will become available on release on Valves content sharing platform. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest VR content.

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