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New Experience Patient VR Educates People on Healthcare Experiences

VRFocus has previously reported on several instances where virtual reality (VR) technology is being used in health care. Now a new video has been created called Patient VR for the South Devon healthcare NHS foundation trust. The experience puts people in the shoes of a patient who is experiencing chest pain. It is available to download on the Patient VR website for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

The title uses very subtle plot devices in order to teach people about the emotional rollercoaster experienced by the patient during their treatment pathway. Starting in the ambulance, the user is experiencing chest pain. Looking around, the audience will be able to see the paramedics tending to you. The experience offers an educational look into how empathetic actions can greatly help the treatment process through offering comfort in an incredible distressing time. Patient VR attempts to create an emotional experience based on the feeling of distress found when strangers are taking control of your life.


The video could be used to train nurses and paramedics, as it details how the use of humanistic sympathy can really help the patient along the treatment pathway. The project aims to take this further and go on to look at similar patient experiences where medical professionals can educate themselves on the value of empathy in such circumstances.

Patient VR offers a 180 degree look as a normal patient would get using two wide angle cameras mounted on top of the patients head with 3D layering going over the top. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest VR content.

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