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New to Oculus VR Share: Maze Roller VR

New to Oculus VR Share is another maze videogame by the name of Maze Roller. Developer Meerkat Gaming has created the title for the Oculus Rift first and second development kit (DK1 and DK2) head-mounted display (HMD). The company is also intending to bring the videogame to Samsung’s Gear VR HMD.

Currently the title is in the Alpha stage of development so the videogame works, just hasn’t been optimised yet. The intention was to create a labyrinth style maze title intended for virtual reality (VR). Classic maze videogame mechanics are to be included in the title as well as creating unique new twists and obstacles intended on challenging the players like springboards and holes in the maze.

Maze Roller

There are only 4 levels to play, however the developer is going to add two more to the demo. Levels range from easier labyrinths like tutorial area and a classic Square to the harder multi-tiered Circular and the large U maze. The levels which will be added include a mystery bonus level and castle siege. Features to be included in the full release include a trophy cabinet which people can unlock by completing the labyrinths as well as 40 levels.

It is not known when the full release will be unveiled however it is to be released with a lot more content than the previous demo version. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest Oculus VR Content.

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