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Baskhead New To Oculus VR Share

Newly released to Oculus VR Share is surreal virtual reality (VR) basketball title Baskhead. The goal of the videogame is to get a basketball in the hoop. However, the player doesn’t throw the ball or play as it. The user instead plays as the basket. Baskhead is only compatible with the second Oculus Rift development Kit (DK2) head-mounted display (HMD).

The title allows players to use the positional tracking of the DK2 to move the basket as the balls are thrown at the user. Using this function is intended to create a unique experience. To move the basket users must tilt to where they think the ball will land to get it in the basket. There are two modes available called challenge and practice. Challenge allows players to record their high score by getting as many balls in the basket as possible. Practice is an endless mode which allows people to train to better themselves.


The developer Damien Doury, Doublevil has stated on the Oculus VR Share page that it is just a small part of a larger project. VRFocus will keep you updated on unique VR videogames.

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