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[Nuren]: The New Renaissance Launches Kickstarter Campaign

New to Kickstarter is [Nuren]: The New Renaissance. The title allows players to observe the aesthetic pulsing of a unique world. The title is looking for a $70,000 USD funding goal. Players will be able to use a standard version of the experience or choose the virtual reality (VR) Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) version.

The title takes players through a narrative set over the course of several songs. Each song will show a different environment. Depending on the location, the world will react to the music, creating a pulsing effect. The final videogame will feature a multitude of different locations. On its Kickstarter page images of the cityscape are shown, however it is stated that the areas will range from sterile laboratories, to burning deserts. The different locations will also vary in artistic style including hand drawn animation and modern 3D.


The story has the player following two android twins, who go from being fugitives to heroes. CSP Industries has hired a group of veteran videogame developers to work on [Nuren]: The New Renaissance which takes its inspiration from such sources as Fantasia, Space Channel 5, TRON, Ghost in the Shell, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, the Animatrix. Using these musical influences, the developers have constructed a narrative using music, colour and voice over interludes..

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