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Nvidia to Reveal new VR HMD at GDC 2015

The 2015 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California, USA, is set to be a huge week for the virtual reality (VR) industry. Both Oculus VR and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) will be sharing the latest on their respective head-mounted displays (HMD) while Valve has this week surprised everyone by revealing that it will also be showcasing a SteamVR HMD at the event. But that’s far from all that will be on display at this year’s show; VRFocus understands that Nvidia is preparing to reveal its own HMD next week.


VRFocus has learned from multiple sources that the graphics processing unit (GPU) manufacturer will be revealing its very own kit, possibly named Titan VR. The product is being created by the team behind Nvidia’s SHIELD tablet. No other details on the device have been revealed at this time, although VR fans will recall that the company is hosting a GDC session titled ‘VR Direct: How NVIDIA Technology Is Improving the VR Experience’ on 4th March at 14:00 PST. This could well be where the news is made official.

“Virtual reality is the next frontier of gaming, and NVIDIA is leading the way by introducing VR Direct, a set of hardware and software technologies designed to cut down graphics latency and accelerate stereo rendering performance,” the event’s description reads. “In this talk, we’ll show how developers can use NVIDIA GPUs and VR Direct to improve the gaming experience on the Oculus Rift and other VR headsets.” Could the last few words referring to ‘other VR headsets’ include the company’s own HMD?

There’s no doubt that GDC will be a hugely important week for VR, then. VRFocus will be at GDC all of next week to bring you the latest updates on the technology from each and every company involved with it.

  1. oh really? it dont surprise me,because that kit will work with it!! So natural nvidia going on part of VR because its on PC

  2. You guys must have a lot of “sources” to be able to make 2 very bold claims about things that are scheduled to be announced next week. If your “sources” are wrong I will loose a lot of respect for you guys.

  3. If NVIDIA’s HMD is compatible with software that works with Oculus VR *but* has GSYNC then I’m all in.

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