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And Then it Rained Available on Oculus VR Share

Indie developers William Manning, Eli Gorman, Don Xu have created a new virtual reality (VR) experience called And Then It Rained which is now available on Oculus VR Share. The title is similar to the premise of Tanks!, a title that appeared on Wii in which you must destroy enemy action figures. And Then It Rained is compatible with the second Oculus Rift development kit (DK2) head- mounted display (HMD).

And Then It Rained Is about two children who are forced to stay inside. As they can’t go outside, they create an imaginary game using action figures. Players in the videogame have a toy which uses two different types of attacks. The first is lasers, which fire up, down, left and right all at the same time. This is a mild attack and doesn’t do as much damage as the rocket attack which fires in all four diagonal directions. Though more difficult to pull off this will do more damage to the other figures. Users have to be careful when attacking others as it leaves them vulnerable to attack themselves.

And Then it Rained

The title was created for the Global Game Jam 2015 using Unity software. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest content from Oculus VR Share.


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