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Soda Drinker Pro Gets Release Trailer

Recently Greenlit on Steam is Soda Drinker Pro a surreal soda drinking simulator which takes players on a strange comedic adventure. In the aftermath of the successful Greenlight campaign, a trailer has released. The developer has an updated version planned which will launch with support from the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

The trailer below shows off some of the gameplay. The videogame mostly features exploration while drinking the soda. As it starts the player is travelling through a colourful world while a voice is stating that “it is time to drink the soda”. Generally all this is intended to be a unique and varied experience. When the screen brightens up, users will see the surreally designed world. The environment is intended to look like children’s drawings.

Vivienne Clark, the videogame within Soda Drinker Pro has also been expanded upon. The title allows players to change into anything they come into contact with. As a minigame, when players start as a raindrop and hit a rocket ship, users will be transported into a different minigame featuring the rocket ship. Each object will have a different experience with a variety of goals.

The title has also been confirmed for an Xbox One release however release details are not yet known. VRFocus will keep you updated on the videogames progress.


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