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Sony Magic Lab Talks Project Morpheus

It’s an exciting time to follow Project Morpheus, the virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) from Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) for its PlayStation 4 console. Next week sees the 2015 Game Developers Conference take place in San Francisco, California, USA, and SCE will be placing a big focus on the device at the event. But before potential new details are given out, VRFocus speaks to Sony Magic Labs’ Anton Mikhailov about the device in its current, prototype formation.

In the interview below Mikhailov, who has been tightly linked to Project Morpheus since its reveal last GDC, talks about the tracking systems embedded in the device. He touches upon its integration with the PlayStation Camera and the technology’s link to the PlayStation Move motion controllers that originally released for the PlayStation 3. There’s also mention of The Castle, a tech demo that Mikhailov worked on to help demonstrate the potential of Morpheus.

Make sure to stay with VRFocus next week as the latest updates on Project Morpheus are revealed.

  1. I assumed that Magic Lab was making simple software applications (tech demos) for all the weird and wonderful stuff that they are making but I didn’t know that Anton was working on the castle demo, I thought that was one of the teams at Sony London.

  2. Thanks VR focus,it will be amazing,with psmove that have almost nothing of latenci,and an ps4 cam it will be great.

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