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SWVRC 2015: Fierce Kaiju discusses ‘Early Access – from cool ideas to stuff on the shelf’ LiveBlog

Every virtual reality (VR) title has a development process. Though these titles generally have lower budgets than a lot of mainstream titles they still manage to pull off VR in an incredible way. Aiming to immerse the player in a world of their creation. Independent videogame developer Fierce Kaiju is to hold a discussion at South West Virtual Reality Conference (SWVRC) about the development process starting from an idea, and ending on the shelf. The discussion presented by Mark Washbrook and Paul Colls, is called ‘Early Access – from cool ideas to stuff on the shelf’.

Fierce Kaiju currently has VR title Viral in development for Samsung’s Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD). Players will take on the role of an anti-virus programme called Ragnarok which aims to destroy all the potentially harmful threats to E.V.E (Emotional Virtual Engine).

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