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SWVRC 2015: ‘Storytelling in Virtual Reality’ with Third Floor Inc Liveblog

While virtual reality (VR) movies are becoming a very real and exciting part of the industry, they’re a long way off from matching big budget Hollywood blockbusters. But that doesn’t mean that companies working in VR can’t learn from these movies right now. Previsualisation company Third Floor Inc will be discussing just that in its ‘How lessons learned while Visualizing Hollywood feature films can be applied to Storytelling in Virtual Reality’ talk at the South West Virtual Reality Conference (SWVRC) today.

Earlier in the year Oculus VR announced Oculus Story Studio, a movie-focused division of the VR specialist. That news, combined with the work seen by companies such as Jaunt, cemented the idea that VR could be used as a form of storytelling. VRFocus is at SWVRC all day to deliver the latest updates on the technology.

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