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Victory Motorcycles Releases Virtual Reality Experience

In the past VRFocus has looked at virtual reality (VR) in advertising. Companies such as Mountain Dew have used VR advertisements. However, Victory Motorcycles has recently been using the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) to create a unique Motorbike experience in which users can go for a ride on one of their motorcycles.

During the Chicago Progressive International Motorcycle Show last week users were able to ride a virtual Victory Gunner and travel to Sturgis, a well-known motorcycle rally location. However this VR experience really comes to life using its motorcycle stand complete with motion control so that users can lean like they would on a real bike. The audio used is genuine recordings of sounds coming from the engine of the Gunner. Users can use the throttle to control the speed and sound of the engine.


General Manager of Victory Gunner Rob Krois stated in a news release “Victory is always in pursuit of enhancing the ride experience. It’s tough to do this during the winter months in a cold climate, but not impossible. By combining VR with the physical elements of a ride, we’re able to transport riders for a few minutes into a sun-filled summer Sturgis ride. It’s unlike anything motorcycle riders have experienced and proves the exhilarating performance of Victory Motorcycles in a different way.”

This new VR experience is one of many promotional advertising strategies, like Honda’s advertisement of the Nm4 Vultus motorbike which took users on a virtual trip of a neo-urban city using the vehicle. It is likely that VR will become a much more apparent means of advertising in the near future. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest content.

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