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Wearable World To Showcase Future VR Technology at Palace of The Fine Arts

The palace of fine arts is to re-open its doors to a new innovation hanger (iHanger). The iHanger will include educational exhibitions from several different establishments, such as the Smithsonian Lemelson Centre and Wearable World Technologies. Using the iHanger, students young and old will be able to learn about the world in an interactive way. It will also feature prototype technology, visionaries and exhibitions from all over. The company will bring the future of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) exhibitions.

Wearable Worlds is an incubator and accelerator blend which funds companies to build and grow. They give entrepreneurs the tools and technology to take to take their innovations into the mainstream. Essentially they push companies to become industry leaders in wearable technology.


Wearable World Technologies aims to showcase the latest in VR and AR technology and allow people to experience them first hand. Users will also get a look into virtual environments as well as the current issues facing VR. Learning about the problems facing the world today will lead to innovations in the technology which could solve these issues.

Also, attendees will be able to play what is called “Palace Games”, which will use VR to take users back to 1915 at the World’s fair. Players will be able to solve a mystery using social engagement and creative thinking.

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