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Adopted Gets Playable Prototype

Previously VRFocus has reported on Clockwork Demon starting its Kickstarter campaign for Adopted. Now a playable prototype has been released for the title to aid in raising the necessary money to pass the crowd funding campaign. The title is set to be compatible with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

Adopted puts players in the role of a newly adopted dog named Luchador.Who in one night may decide the fates of the three housemates Wyatt, Marissa and Laurel. The house mates are young and think that they all have it figured out, with Wyatt and Marissa’s wedding around the corner and Laurel moving on with her life. However, all the issues and problems are all going to come together in a fiery mess in one night. It is the players job to alter the course of these events or watch everything collide.


As the player traverses the house they will encounter issues which can possibly turn Luchador’s owner’s lives upside down. Wyatt and Marissa might call off the wedding and Laurel may fall back into an old drug habit. Depending on the users actions, the narrative can take its own route.

The developers stress that this is not a demo, but a pre-alpha prototype. Players may encounter a great deal of bugs as it is intended to give an idea of how it will work mechanically. Also characters may be standing in the T-position as well as having temporary voices from the developers.

VRFocus will keep you updated on its Kickstarter campaign.

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