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Adopted Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign

New to Steam Greenlight is the virtual reality (VR) title Adopted. The aim of launching the campaign is to get enough up-votes to release on Valves digital sharing platform. Previously VRFocus reported on the videogame as it launched its Kickstarted campaign. The title allows players to take on the roll of the dog Luchador, during the course of a night which can change the owner’s fate. The videogame is set to release with the Oculus head-mounted display (HMD) compatibility.

Over the course of a night, the lives of Marisa, Wyatt, and Laurel will fall apart. As Luchador, players have the option to intervene and affect situations. There will be points in the videogame that players can simply watch as it plays out. The user picks and chooses how and when to take control. Depending on the choices made, the story will evolve creating a branching narrative with an array of possibilities.


Adopted is set at a critical point in Luchador’s owners lives. Marisa, Wyatt, and Laurel think they have it all figured out. However, in one night the owners are going to make a few decisions with big consequences. It is up to the player whether they let Laurel relapse into an old drug habit, or whether Marisa and Wyatt get married or not. Players must get the owners attention to distract or lead them somewhere in order to resolve a conflict or hinder them.

Adopted is currently available to fund on Kickstarter. VRFocus will keep you updated on the titles progress.

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