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EVE: Valkyrie, Adr1ft and XING: The Land Beyond feature in Unreal Engine 4 GDC Sizzle

This year at the Game Developers Conference 2015 (GDC) Epic Games are hosting several sessions including those to do with its Unreal Engine 4. After the announcement of Unreal Engine 4 becoming free to the public, the videogame giant showed off a video depicting the titles which use the software. Included among them are virtual reality (VR) titles EVE: Valkyrie, Ard1ft and XING: The Land Beyond.

The video titled ‘Unreal Engine Sizzle Reel’ showcases a lot of titles some which had been released and others that are in development. As seen in the video below, it is intended to showcase not only the visuals the engine can create, but also its versatility.

Shown in the reel, is highly anticipated title Ad1ft which puts players in the role of an astronaut who has been trapped in space as a result of a mission gone wrong, ending with the destruction of the vessel. Users will have to ensure their oxygen levels stay topped up if not the astronaut will suffocate. The aim is to drift from point to point to recover precious resources to repair an escape ship to return home.

Also seen is another anticipated title EVE: Valkyrie developed by CCP Games. The title is a VR dog fighting space simulator with a fixation on constant conflict. When designing the title, the developer stated that it didn’t want players to feel defensive, but always be on the offensive. Users will pilot a one-man space fighter with lasers and rockets which can be used to destroy enemy fighters.

Finally, XING: The Land Beyond allows users to play as a character stuck in a state of limbo after their death. Making there way through the world in order to gain freedom and move on. Developed by White Lotus, it features impressive visuals set in a jungle environment. Around the location are what appear to be moss covered structures with odd symbols on them.

VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest from GDC 2015.

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  1. Waaait a minute. I saw several titles in there which I was hoping to get VR support but which (to my knowledge) were made in UDK. Are they/have they/will they port to UE4? Hmm! The ones I think about…

    * The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
    * Brothers: A tale of two sons
    * Bioshock: Infinite

    I know with the first title the devs have been talking about doing VR support, but UDK and UE3 has seemingly lost support from Epic and/or Oculus so it has sounded like a lost cause. So yeah, is this trailer specifically UE4 titles or have they included UE3 titles just to fill it out?

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