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The Gallery: Six Elements Gets New Screenshots

Previously VRFocus has reported on virtual reality (VR) title, The Gallery: Six Elements coming to the HTC’s new head-mounted display (HMD) the HTC Vive, which uses Valve’s Steam VR concept. Following this news, screenshots were unveiled for the videogame.

The title features players going to different environments and overcoming challenges using the VR HMD. Overcoming these puzzles helps the character get ever closer to discovering the fate of his sister. Previously the title used motion controllers like Razer’s STEM system, however the partnership may suggest alternate methods of control using Steam VR.

The screenshots below show the fantastical worlds the player will visit. Also featured is what seems to be mechanical gears, implying a mechanism that requires the character to solve in order to proceed to other locations. Other environments include a coastal rocky landscape with wind turbines and a multitude of objects to pick up.

What appears to be a strange stone like face obscured by what can only be deduced as being three fingered wooden hand features in one of the images. This seems to be a part of the strange entities that players may encounter. Artwork of other creatures are featured what seems to look like a tall decrepit soldier and a blue spectral character.

VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest VR title’s screenshots.

g6e_bottle g6e_bottle2 g6e_boulder g6e_fire g6e_flyte g6e_hero g6e_keynote g6e_machine g6e_purplecave g6e_sewer g6e_shell g6e_thebeach g6e_throw g6e_watcher gallery_valve2 gallery_valve3

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