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GDC VR Mixer to be Streamed Live

Tonight, Thursday 5th March at the 2015 Games Developers Conference (GDC), Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) are hosting the GDC VR mixer from 6:30 -10:30 PST to showcase demos and virtual reality experiences. But due to overwhelming popularity of the event, tickets sold-out fast. SVVR has ensured that those who wanted to attend but were unable to acquire tickets or physically get to San Francisco, California, USA are still able to enjoy all the fun, virtually.

SVVR will be providing a live stream via YouTube for everyone across the world to enjoy their chiptune selection,   watch people try virtual reality (VR) as well as catching the live performance of [NUREN] The New Renaissance, the VR Music experience by Jake Kaufman & Jessie Seely, and from Danimal Cannon (Proton Pulse).

Additionally, alongside the live stream, the VR mixer will incorporate a virtual presence, with the open demo and musical performance area having a two-way connection from the centre of the action to the virtual dance floor in the VR social world Convrge. Convrge will allow mixer guests at setup stations the ability to dance with the virtual guests.

With the excellent setup from SVVR and their sponsors: Leap Motion, Jaunt, Samsung, NextVR, AltspaceVR, Sixense, & Homido tonight’s GDC VR Mixer is going to be an event any consumer interested in VR won’t want to miss.

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest progress at the GDC VR Mixer and will report any further updates. 

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