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Gear VR

Gear VR Getting Commerce Store in US Later This Month

Today saw Samsung announce a new version of its Gear VR smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), supporting the newly-revealed Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones. The kit was announced at Samsung’s Unpacked event in Barcelona, Spain ahead of Mobile World Congress (MBW) this week. A handful of details were confirmed at the time but now Oculus VR, the VR specialists that worked with Samsung on the device has followed up with more details.  Specifically, the company has finally revealed when a commerce store for Gear VR will launch in the USA.


Taking to its official blog, Oculus VR revealed that a preview of the commerce version of the Oculus VR Store that hosts Gear VR compatible content will be going live this month in the USA. Other countries are expected to follow in the future. The preview will still be limited in some respects, as it appears that developers will not be able to offer in-app purchases at this point in time. The company has also promised a slate of new VR videogames and experiences will be arriving for the preview.

“On top of these new games, applications, and experiences, we’re making a number of short films available to stream within Oculus Cinema, including Lunar, Plot Device, and the brand new film, Immersion,” Oculus VR noted on its official blog. “We’re also launching improvements to Oculus 360 Photos with support for stereoscopic panoramas and updated content soon, so stay tuned to see what comes next.” A specific date for the launch of these new videos was not given, though they may fall under the same window at the commerce store.

Oculus VR will be showcasing the ‘latest prototype’ of Gear VR at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) next week. It’s not clear if this means the new version of Gear VR or perhaps something else. VRFocus is at GDC to bring you all of the latest updates from all VR projects.

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