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Gear VR’s Commerce Store Launched, Full List of Videogames & Prices Revealed

Yesterday saw Oculus VR announce that a preview for the commerce version of the Oculus VR Store for the Gear VR virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) would be launching soon in the USA. It hasn’t taken the company long to make good on that promise; the first premium content for Gear VR can now be found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with which the kit runs. A full list of premium content can be seen below with prices attached.


For now it appears that only videogames can charge customers, as the Experiences section of the store remains completely free, as do other apps. Not every title that has seen a demo release on Gear VR is on offer here; Viral Lite from Fierce Kaiju was ready for the US launch of the device in 2014 but isn’t yet on offer on the premium store. There’s still plenty to enjoy for VR fans, though, including the full version of Climax Studios’ Bandit Six and Coatsink Software’s Esper.

The premium store is currently only available to the USA as a preview. It is expected to roll out to other territories in the near future much like the release of the device itself. In-app purchases are also yet to be implemented into the model.

The launch of the premium store follows yesterday’s news that Oculus VR and Samsung will be releasing a new version of Gear VR for its new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge phones. The smaller handsets allow the Gear VR itself to shrink by 15 percent. Release details for the new version of the device are yet to be confirmed.

Bandit Six – $2.99

Darknet – $9.99

Dreadhalls – $4.99

Esper – $4.99

Gunner – $3.99

Protocol Zero – $4.99

Proton Pulse – $2.99

Nighttime Terror – $3.99

Romans from Mars – $2.99

  1. Very exciting news, loved the Esper demo so can’t wait to play the full version 🙂

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