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If HTC Vive At GDC 2015 Was Reported Via Punch-Out

There has been plenty of announcements at the 2015 Games Developers Conference (GDC), and certainly one of the most talked about has been the reveal of the HTC Vive.  With HTC teaming up with Valve for the creation of the new HMD (Head Mounted Device) and the subsequent announcements for SteamVR, Source 2, Lighthouse and that Valve had “solved” simulation sickness, expectation for the machine – now believed to have a release date of November 2015 – is already very high.

Will it conquer the likes of Project Morpheus and the Oculus Rift? That of course remains to be seen. However, one user on YouTube believes what it will do is give consumer apathy on Virtual Reality a knockout blow. Something they have chosen to show through a slightly unusual medium… Nintendo’s classic boxing title Punch-Out!! ?


It may not give the HTC Vive’s competitors as fair a shake of the stick as it should, but it is certainly the most unique reporting of GDC we’ve seen so far.

VRFocus will continue to update you (not via 8-bit video game) on the latest news relating to the HTC Vive as we get it. Click here to see the latest from GDC 2015.

  1. I think it will help much others vrs,so its new things on VR,then all you have to do is put on your VR and share with others to the world grow up,its good and healthy because its not an dispute but a togheter walk

  2. Simulation sickness was solved decades ago and has been reintroduced by those that don’t understand it.

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