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Papo & Yo Dev: ‘We have bet everything on VR’

Minority Media’s first step into the world of virtual reality (VR) was only revealed last month and yet an impressive playable build is set to make it’s debut at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), San Francisco. VRFocus will bring you a hands-on preview of the videogame, Time Machine, very soon, but before that we spoke to the company about their reasons for making the jump to VR.

“At Minority we have bet everything on VR,” stated Vander Caballero, President of Minority Media, in an interview with VRFocus. “VR is the platform of the century. Right now it’s not a question of ‘if’ it’s going to happen, it’s ‘when’ it’s going to happen.”


Minority Media has previously worked on PC, console and mobile formats, having achieved significant acclaim for their PlayStation 4 title Papo & Yo. Having tried to adapt their deep storytelling and complex 3D worlds to mobile devices with little success the company has turned their attentions to VR instead.

“It was really hard for us to be AAA developers and shrink our 3D worlds into little bits and chunks to fit into a mobile space. So we were thinking ‘what are we going to be doing?’, ‘what is the platform of the future?’ and that’s when Palmer Luckey came out with the Kickstarter campaign and we said ‘wow!’,” explains Caballero. “We’re in. We’re 100% in.”

Time Machine is a cockpit based experience that ushers away from the traditional of violent videogames and instead concerns itself with a more passive experience. VRFocus will bring you a hands-on preview of Time Machine and a full interview with Caballero very soon.

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