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Project Nautilus Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming a new means of interacting with digital content not only reserved for videogames, but also films and experiences. Project Nautilus is a new VR head-mounted display (HMD) which has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. It allows users to enjoy content while submerged in water.

The device uses smartphone technology in order to power the HMD. It is compatible with a variety of Android (OS) hand sets in order to deliver an easy accessible experience. The whole thing is waterproof so there is no danger of damaging the user’s phone. Also it features breathing apparatus coming out the top of the HMD to ensure a comfortable underwater experience.

Project Nautilus

Generally the appeal of the device is the underwater content. While being submerged in water, the content will show the player swimming next to a blue whale or next to a turtle. The main aim is to create immersive and educational experiences while underwater. Project Nautilus also intends to provide rehabilitation as it aims to entertain in pools. This isn’t all, it also intends to raise awareness for ocean conservation as the eco-system isn’t sustainable currently with the fishing methods today.

Currently the company is aiming for $100,000 USD. The campaign will finish on the 22nd April 2015. VRFocus  will keep you updated on the latest VR Kickstarter campaigns

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