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Stompz Talk Tech, Design & Kickstarter

Regular readers of VRFocus will be well aware of Stompz, the motion-control device designed for virtual reality (VR) that is both versatile and low cost. This week saw the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for the device, and with it a rush of new information on exactly how Stompz will become available for the ever-keen VR community. VRFocus sat down with inventor Matt Carrell to get all the latest details direct from the source.

Stompz comes at a time when a great deal of attention is being paid to locomotion in VR. With each issue of the technology that is overcome – screen door effect, screen blur, simulator sickness, etc. – efforts turn to conquering another field. Valve’s recently revealed Vive offers one example of this, but for many the Lighthouse solution will be too complicated or simply not practical for their living space. Stompz is a much simpler solution that doesn’t demand anything more than your typical gaming area. Carrell explains where the idea came from and the path that Stompz has followed in the interview below.

You can find the Kickstarter campaign for Stompz here, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the device.

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