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Radial-G: Racing Evolved

Tammeka Games Launches First Major Update for Radial-G

Back in December 2014 UK-based indie developer Tammeka Games launched a pre-release version of its anticipated virtual reality (VR) racing videogame, Radial-G over on Steam’s Early Access service. At the time the developer revealed that it would be updating the title with new content, later revealing a monthly plan in the build up to a full release of the videogame. Today sees the first of these major updates launch, bringing with it a host of new features to the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) compatible title.


Highlighting the update is a new third-person camera for Radial-G, which players can quickly change using the left bumper button or C key on a gamepad or keyboard. The camera is for non-VR users only. There’s also two new tracks, one named Möbius Delta and the Dead Zone Alpha. Each level also has a new music track. Elsewhere, text chat has been added to multiplayer lobbies. Several incremental updates have also been added, including the ability to change a craft in-lobby and split times for races.

Radial-G is currently available on Early Access for £9.99 GBP. The developer hopes to launch with full version of the title in May 2015, which plenty more content updates planned for post-launch. Recently Tammeka Games has confirmed to VRFocus that it is in possession of both PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus development kits, although is yet to official confirm that the title will be making its way to the platform. An Xbox One version is also possible.

Those that want to sample Radial-G before buying can look for the title at the 2015 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this week and EGX Rezzed in London next weekend.  VRFocus will continue to follow Radial-G closely, reporting back with any further updates on the videogame.

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