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Technolust Pre-Order Funding Tops Kickstarter Success

Previously VRFocus has reported on cyber punk videogame Technolust. The title started as a Kickstarter campaign which ended up doubling its $30,000 USD goal. Now it has come to light that Iris Productions has earned more from pre-orders than it has from its crowd funding campaign. The title is due to be compatible with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

Taking its inspiration from cyber punk films like Blade Runner, Technolust puts players in a world where corporations have grown so large that they have essentially taken over. Some have started to rebel by hacking to reveal the truth behind the corporations. This is something that the player can get involved in. However, players can simply let the AI take control.


Iris Productions has informed VRFocus that Technolust has received 1962 pre-orders since it became available. This has earned the company more money than it did in the Kickstarter campaign. The title allows narrative exploration as things are revealed to the player as they travel through the world. The intention is to create a living world which the player feels very much a part of. This comes with the opportunity to simply exist, or join the resistance. With a world which players can interact with comes the opportunity to engage with the world by going to arcades or simply observing the environment.

It is unknown when the title aims to release however VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest from Technolust.

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