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Vantage Point Available on Oculus VR Share

Vantage Point: Game Jam Edition is a co-operative virtual reality (VR) experience available on Oculus VR Share. The title involves two players using communication to infiltrate a facility. The videogame is compatible with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

The title involves two players working together to infiltrate a facility. One will be moving through the corridors using stealth while the other will have to guide the player safely through avoiding detection. The player will rely solely on the communication from the second user to survive.

Vantage point

An infiltrator will start in an empty room. Using directions given by the navigator, they must find a way out. Constantly updating the navigator on the locations of doors and security panels is imperative as they are unable to be seen on the map. Users are also able to distract enemies by setting off alarms at different points in the facility. While avoiding enemies, the infiltrator must be led to key-cards and map blue prints which will further aid the mission.

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  1. Interesting concept this, the Game Jam edition was very exciting so I hope to see some updates soon. Highly recommended!

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