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HTC Vive

Vertigo Games Announces New Steam VR Title Skyworld

Virtual reality (VR) fans are likely already familiar with indie developer Vertigo Games. That’s because the studio is one of the few teams that has released a VR compatible title in World of Diving. Today however sees the developer announce a brand new VR videogame for the newly revealed HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) and Steam VR. That title is Skyworld and it will be on display at the 2015 Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week in San Francisco, California, USA.

Skyworld will be on display at Valve’s booth throughout the show and a trailer can be seen below. The title is a turned-based strategy experience that uses Steam VR’s room scale player tracking in order to allow players to stand up and walk around the battle map as fights player out. Players must manage their economy as they build an army and master control of dragons in order to save Skyworld. As seen in the trailer, the title boasts a toy-like art style in which maps resemble play sets and units look like action figures.

“Developing Skyworld in such close cooperation with Valve’s Steam VR team has simply been amazing. We are thankful for the support and trust they have shown our studio over the past couple of months, and believe this has given us a crucial edge to develop the best experience possible for this amazing VR technology,” said Richard Stitselaar of Vertigo Games. Other titles coming to HTC Vive include Job Simulator and TheBluVR: Encounter.

Vertigo Games is working with Wolfdog Interactive on Skyworld, which it plans to launch in 2015 both using the room scale technology and as a seated experience. VRFocus is at GDC this week to bring you the latest updates from all VR compatible videogames with interviews, hands-on impressions and more arriving throughout.

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