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VR Experience Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

Recently French videogame developer Geoffrey Charra launched a new crowdfunding campaign through Indie GoGo for an exploration virtual reality (VR) title for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) based on the Android and IOS version that he’d developed previously. The campaign is asking for €5000 Euros to pass the funding process.

The player is put into the role of a virtual reality (VR) programmer who after walking into the office, discovers all of their colleagues are gone. After searching for them, the character sits down at their desk to find a strange VR HMD with instructions on how to wear and use the device. Upon putting the device on, the player is transported to a different dimension. While users travel through time, they must discover what has become of the other workers.

The gameplay for the title features first person exploration where players will be able to interact with people choosing which bits of dialogue to use. Also players will have an array of weapons to find a use against enemies. Players will collect different lifepacks, keys and other special objects as well. The developer states on the funding page, that the aim is to immerse the player in stereoscopic 3D scenes.


Currently a version of the VR experience allows people to explore the locations on IOS and Android via Google Play as well as the apple store. VRFocus will keep you updated on all the new VR titles available for crowd funding.

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