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WEVR Bringing TheBluVR: Encounter to HTC Vive

Virtual reality (VR) fans may have heard of TheBluVR before. Originally developed for Samsung’s Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD), a few changes have been made to this upcoming underwater experience. Followers may well have guessed as much when the logo for developer WEVR, formerly Wemolabs, appeared on a list of partners working with HTC and Valve on the newly-announced Vive HMD at the former’s press conference earlier today. As it turns out, WEVR is actually bringing TheBluVR: Encounter to the new device.

HTC Vive

TheBluVR: Encounter appears to be a new approach to the original title (pictured) that will take full advantage of the Vive’ room scale system, which allows players to move around in areas of up to 15 feet by 15 feet and have their movements replicated in-game. Using this system players will be able to explore aquatic life, getting close with elusive creatures and more. The developer asks fans to picture being able to meet a 80-foot blue whale and confirmed that the experience will be running at 90 frames per second.

The developer is working with independent director Jake Rowell on the project as well as the award-winning animation director on Avatar, Andy Jones. Furthermore, WEVR has confirmed that TheBlueVR: Encounter will be a launch title for Vive when it released to consumer in Holiday 2015.

TheBlu: Encounter is a top notch room scale VR experience that demonstrates the richness, fidelity and experiential possibilities of Steam VR + the HTC Vive,” said Daniel O’Brien, HTC VR Head. “WEVR’s Academy Award winning team have delivered a truly awe-inspiring experience, and we are very excited about our collaboration going forward”.

VRFocus will continue to follow TheBlueVR: Encounter, reporting back with any further updates on the experience.

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