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Cityscape Dev Reveals Mobile VR Jam Entry Cityscape Repairman

Virtual reality (VR) fans may well have heard of Peter Fisher before. Over the past year this 3D VR Artist has released a number of experiences for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), including the sci-fi inspired Close Encounters and a recreation of the Roman Pantheon. The developer also made a submission to last year’s Leap Motion 3D Jam with Cityscape, a unique adventure experience. Fisher is now one of the many developers taking part in Oculus VR’s Mobile VR Jam for Gear VR, taking his Cityscape project and developing a spin-off in Cityscape Repairman.

Cityscape Repairman

As the name suggests, this experience casts players as a repairman that looks after the neon-drenched environment of Cityscape. Using a Bluetooth gamepad, players will guide the repairman through small industrial scenes, fixing broken machines and replacing fuses as they solve puzzles and fend off attacking robots. The title is mostly played from a third-person perspective, though does occasionally transition to a first-person view in order to help players solve some of the more complex challenges.

Cityscape Repairman is designed to be as comfortable as possible in the Gear VR,” Fisher writes of the project in an official blog. “The only camera movement is your head rotation, there is no loco motion (except for some slow elevator rides). The camera does not follow the 3rd person players movements. Instead you are fixed in one place looking over the miniature world. Green textures are used as much as possible to make the best use of the Note 4 screen.”

Fisher’s project is one of over 130 entries into the jam across two categories: videogames and experiences. The videogame side is offering a $200,000 USD grand prize with a number of other tiers offering varying amounts of money. VRFocus will continue to follow Cityscape Repairman and all other Mobile VR Jam entrants, reporting back on the latest updates from them.

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