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Death in Candlewood Spin-Off House of Caravan Dated

Back in February 2015 indie studio Rosebud Games announced a new videogame to serve as a spin-off to its upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible horror title, Death in Candlewood. That videogame is House of Caravan, a first-person exploration title set in the same universe which is also planned to support the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) in the future. Recently the developer has revealed when the initial, non-VR version of the experience will arrive.


House of Caravan has already passed its Steam Greenlight campaign, meaning it will arrive on Valve’s digital store on 16th April 2015. The Oculus Rift edition of the title will then launch shortly’ afterwards, as will support for both Mac and Linux. The developer has also teased that a new promotional video will be arriving in the near future.

In House of Caravan, players are cast as a young boy named Lester Barnard who awakens at the start of the title in the titular mansion. Barnard can vaguely remember his kidnapping, but otherwise has no explanation for his whereabouts. Players will explore the mansion, uncovering the lore of its evil family and solving its puzzles. The title will feature a number of hours’ worth of narrative to uncover as Barnard desperately searches for an escape route, eventually revealing his own role in the fictional town of Candlewood in which Rosebud Games’ original project is set.

While House of Caravan nears launch, it’s not yet clear just what Rosebud Games has in store for Death in Candlewood, which failed to find Kickstarter funding in 2014. VRFocus will continue to follow both projects, reporting back with the latest updates on either.

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