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DroneGP 15 Releases Open Alpha To Oculus VR Share

Gamers looking for a new racing experience have a new contender on Oculus VR Share.  Developed by studio Frozen Pepper DroneGP 15’ is a racing game with a twist as you pilot customisable remote controlled drones around twisting and turning courses against A.I. opponents.


We previously reported on DroneGP 15 back at the beginning of March when the title launched a campaign on Steam Greenlight. Now with a final version of the game aiming for a June 2015 launch, the Open Alpha for the title has been released. Consisting of three tracks and a single vehicle although solo and multiplayer modes are available.

Frozen Pepper are also actively looking for feedback on their use of the Oculus Rift (both DK1 and DK2) to improve the experience. Contact details are available from the VR Share page.

VRFocus will continue to bring you updates to Oculus’ sharing platform.

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